Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Gilberts

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

Jacob - Age 4 1/2

He is going to a speech therapy pre-school 2x a week at an Elementary School near by. He loves his teacher, Ms. Pepper and looks forward to seeing his friends. He is a wonderful older brother and loves playing with his sisters. He is still obsessed with trains and anything to do with construction. There are new neighborhoods being built all the time here, you know, homes in the low $millions$ (wanna buy us one?), so there is a plentiful amount of excavators, bulldozers, tractors and hard hats. We went to see a lot with about 25 cranes the other day and Jacob was is heaven. While we were driving out of the lot, i read a sign that said, "Federal Employees or Authorized Vehicles Only". Ooops. They didn't mind. But we are not going back there. Ha ha. Jacob loves to see how things are made and frequently tries to turn the vacuum over to watch it work while i am trying to use it. So curious. He also loves giving lots and lots hugs and kisses. We love our Jakey and are so happy he is here with us. 

Krazy Kaia - 3 years

Kaia turned 3 in November. She is loving and intelligent. She loves helping with the baby and is constantly pushing chairs into the kitchen to help me while  I am cooking. She wants to taste everything! Sometimes I wonder if she will be the youngest person ever with diabetes because she wakes up wanting popsicles,  cookies and soda (I only sometimes give it to her). The girl LOVES to eat! Just like her mama Dad. She likes to play mommy with her little baby dolls and talk to them. She also likes bossing everyone around like her mommy and daddy. Kaia is such a sweet girl, but has her teenage-rage-attitude moments, many of which my mother silently (or not so silently) gives an evil laugh. We love you Kaia!

Alexa - 1 year

Alexa is our ray of smiling sunshine. She is so happy. She, like Kaia, has her moments of Jr. Stacy-itis, and is stubborn and frustrating  we enjoy her so much. She is a back-it-up baby. What?! Let me explain. If you are sitting on the floor, she will walk in front of you, and back up to the right place in your lap. She loves giving hugs and snuggling in your neck. She knows my ringtones, so when Aaron calls, she yells, "DADADADA!!!". She knows my mom's ringtone too. It's really cute. She is a gabber. She loves to talk (baby style) and you can tell she is absorbing everything around her. 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!
With love, Aaron, Stacy, Jake, Kaia, & Alexa